Toning your own hands

Toning your own hands

Tinting process is very meticulous work, as making the slightest mistake, have to start all over again. Let’s speak about tinting options, the price of film and gradual process.

Tinted car with your own hands

Each driver has a desire to tint your car as good as possible. Firstly, it gives a new kind of car, and secondly, this protective function. The most common tinting machine, in order to hide everything and everyone in the cabin. Also in sunny and hot weather cabin will burn less from the scorching sun.

Nuances at toning

Film smoked windows of the car, at first seems a simple task, but when he begins to understand the nuances, you realize that there are rules that are better respected. First, it is the law of toning, permissible light transmission rate of the film for the rear windows should be at least 75%, at least 70% for the front windows. As for the windshield, then it may be tinted band at the top of a width not exceeding 15 cm. Naturally, these rules change from time to time to follow behind them. But do not abuse toning.

As for the tinting, so also there are nuances. Hold it stands or in a warm room, where you can warm up the glass well and the water will not freeze on the film, or in warm weather, even hot weather better. Robot is very laborious and require time, since haste only spoil the whole result and film.

It should not be forgotten that the glass on which is deposited toning must be free of damage, otherwise nothing will happen. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to repair or completely replace the glass. Not bad will happen if there is a partner, as it is necessary to hold or to help smooth out the film.
Selection of the film for tinting.

As they say in the selection of films to his own taste is not, in fact, it’s true, because everyone chooses at its discretion and at a reasonable price for it. Some prefer to quite a dark film, others on the contrary prefer a light film. Also there are drivers who like the film tinted windshield, will look good, but the probability is high that this could lead to an accident.

We already talked about what should be the capacity of tinting, so do not abuse it. With regard to the manufacturer, it solves a host. It is advised to take the foreign manufacturers, their quality is always good. The most popular are the American manufacturers.

A popular producer of the film is considered SUNTEK, factory is located in Virginia, America. The advantage of this company is that they can withstand all the parameters and laws concerning tinting, thereby conquering the market.

The main thing when choosing a film look to have a good lie down on the glass, in the same temperature conditions for toning, the other parameters, most manufacturers released the same film.

The price of the film and tinting

The first price of film products will depend, in this regard, the price can be varied at all. Often start begins with $ 5-6 per sqm the price can reach $ 100 per sq.m.

The film for tinting can buy a whole roll, and a certain number of meters, as after different cases need to separate toned glass. As for the price of work, much will also depend on the number of windows, their size and the complexity of the work itself.

On average, a standard sedan tinted circle will cost from $ 100 for a standard tinting. By the time it will take about 1.5-3 hours. SUV or minivan will cost more and take more time.

The process of tinting

Samu tinting procedure can be divided into two main species. The first is when you do not remove the glass from the car and tinted film without disassembling the door. A method of saving time and requires less physical effort, but after a time can be in trouble, as seem cut ends of the film, or bumps.

The second way is when the glass is removed completely from the car. It will take more time, but the quality will be at a height as the glass is completely tinted and without too much difficulty. Consider two methods in detail.

The first method requires us to rubber spatula, the very film for tinting, detergent, stationery knife or blade, lint-free cloth or napkins, the water is warm, the empty bottle with a sprayer, a good mood and warm procedure, if it decided to do in the summer. If the winter, it is desirable to warm room, garage, where you can drive the car.

Glass should be cleaned from dust and dirt, it should be perfectly clean. Clear is on both sides. Rinse with a solution of soapy water is necessary, then wipe dry with a cloth or towel, so as not to leave dust and lint. Soap solution is needed, to put on the car window and impose on him the dubbing film.

It is best to use a cleanser, shampoo or soap that lathers well. Spreading warm water, stir the foam. This will ensure easy sliding of the film tint on the glass, so that exactly fit. The resulting solution was charged in the bottle and put on a uniform layer of glass. Only then we can begin to work with the film.

It is worth remembering that before the film has to be harvested and cut into desired size. In preparation, the first cut and the lower sides, upper left with a gap, that it was possible to move it down slightly, about 5 cm, and only then cut the upper part of the blade. The work is carried out slowly and carefully to avoid the smallest gaps in the film.

Once struck a soapy solution on the glass, once the adhesive film to the glass separating it from the base (remember that the film itself in a roll is pasted on an ad hoc basis). We put the film on the glass, and the need to move around, even edges until it rests perfectly.

Aligning the film begin to smooth it with a rubber trowel, thanks to him, out of the film will air excess water and thus toning exactly fall on the glass. We recommend separating the foundation is not right, and as the film coating on the glass.

Hardest tinted rear glass, because he did not have a smooth and curved shape. Therefore, you need to be a little experienced, so it toned. The film is toned from top to bottom. You will need an assistant to hold one side of the film, while the other will be glued and aligned, squeezing out the excess water and air.

Do not feel sorry for soap solution, the excess will be released to the air. Spatula gently smoothes the edge and slid under the sealing gum to film after a time did not come unstuck.

Upon completion of all works is left to dry tinted glass for a few days, but if the temperature is high and the weather is hot, it will be enough, and the day. During drying it is impossible to lower or touch the glass with your fingers, since the film wash broken. This ends the first process of a method of tinting.

The second method, when the glass is removed, the method includes the same accessories and the principle of toning, as well as for the first, but sometimes you may need sealing gum for windows, as during removal, they can damage the glass. The advantage of this method is that the film is applied uniformly around the circumference, respectively, and the quality will be much higher.

On the downsides is that you have to shoot all the windows at a time, and this is not a quick thing, and sometimes not very easy process, especially if it’s an old car. Despite the difficulties and dead time, this method is more valuable than the first method. But the service station or toning stations this way do not practice, because of the loss over time.

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