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The chip engine tuning, pros and cons

Chip tuning a car engine, consider the pros and cons of this tuning. The options and variations of such improvements, as well as the cost of equipment and works on special SRT.

Every driver wants to drive under the hood of his car was powerful and worked perfectly. After all, these are the main characteristics of the car, and this will depend on the vehicle acceleration.

Often the first question becomes, how to increase the power of the engine , and what methods are available for this. It is clear that originally designed the powerful engine is the best, but still there are options for tuning the unit chip.

Where buried the engine power?

Engine power

As already said, the engine power in the first place will depend on its size. With mechanics lessons worth remembering that the kinetic energy is a result of combustion in the engine of fuel and air.

Many car manufacturers are making restrictions on operation of the engine in order to best comply with environmental and technical rules. Such restrictions can be both technical and software.

Yet in spite of such standard engine, some motorist trying to get around them, each time modifying the engine to increase power.
The second way is to change and adjustment of the fuel system, whereby the fuel supply will be more and better combustion. The third method relates changes in the exhaust system, which also affects a lot of engine power.

The fourth way to consider reprogramming of the control unit or in another chip tuning. Such a process can often how to maximize fuel consumption and increase the power and make the car more economical by reducing the flow rate and the maximum fine-tune the fuel system.

The most popular is considered to chip tuning, as, in fact, except for the software does not have to change nothing to change in the car’s engine. The method is to develop new software based on the entire system and the characteristics of a specific vehicle model.

Following the development of such programs should be the process of its implementation and installation of the control unit. In view of the development of computer technology, similar to the rapidly developing and gaining popularity chip engine tuning.

As for firmware versions, the first divide them into those that are designed to save fuel and those that are designed to increase the engine power.

As the most common firmware:

“A” for the non-standard equipment in a vehicle;

“B” stands for Butan, for use with liquefied gas as fuel;

“With the» Cam – when the engine is a custom camshaft, as manufacturers sometimes produce rare models.

«D» – class of firmware for increased capacity or as they say speakers;

«E» – for saving fuel consumption reduces.

In order to determine whether your vehicle is subject to a similar chip tuning is not necessary to be an expert, whether controlled enough to understand the motor via the onboard computer or not. Most often in such vehicles should control unit software. If there is, then the car is subject to chip tuning. In the case where this is not, then only be achieved by mechanical power increase.

On the negative side, if there is no understanding of what should be the driving style and the engine will not last long, there is a strong pressure on the details of piston group, crank mechanism and the wear of your car will be very soon. This leads to frequent breakdowns of the engine, car repairs, and financial costs.

If you’ve never had to deal with the reinsertion of different equipment, it is best to contact your specialized firms, there you proshyut maximum quality and pick up the correct firmware for your model.

This firm on the firmware should be selected carefully and the opinion of those who have already passed such a procedure, since improper firmware can completely kill the car and have to walk home.

It should not be forgotten that at the time of such a chip tuning can take anywhere from one hour to a few days, everything will depend on the make, model and individual settings of your car.

Price firmware and work on chip tuning

In most cases, the firmware itself can be taken from the Internet nowadays. But it is worth remembering that the quality firmware cost money, respectively. So first of all the financial costs will be spent on the very firmware, its price will depend on the make and model of your car.

For example, the firmware on the Mercedes Vito or BMW starts from $ 10 to $ 100 for Audi may begin with $ 50 for the firmware itself. Do not forget that you will need equipment in the form of a computer or laptop to the firmware, as well as special software for implementation for the insertion into the control unit.

The cost of software for chip tuning will also be worth the money, the price starts from $ 20 for a program disc. Special cable for connection to the car as well will cost about $ 20. Sometimes on the Internet found a special set for a particular car model, which already contains all the necessary things for chip tuning and instruction, the value of a set of about 350 $.

If there is no desire to seek and debriefing, it is best to turn to specialized firms that deal with the tuning chip. The average price per chip tuning starts at $ 250 for a Mercedes Vito, the BMW 5-Series E39 from $ 300.