Set in the rolling Mendip Hills, the Court Farm Country Park is a beautiful place to spend a weekend, especially in blazing sunshine. I first dropped in on Clare and John on their rally stand; she told me that John built her the trike beside the stand and she loves it to bits. He’d said, “Clare, if you can think of it, I can build it.” I took a quick look and told Clare she needs to stop thinking! It features horns and bones and a very clever tank cover made from an old but still loved painted waistcoat – nothing goes to waste in the West Country.

The Van Grahams headlined on Friday, but special mention goes to Toadstool, three youngsters, who impressed some hardened rockers with their non-stop delivery. On Saturday, we were favoured by Goose the Nun and KoKRok. Some sort of theme going on there, perhaps. The evening was then ended by a band called The Superunknown. Alas, they weren’t The Superunknown that Sindy thought she had booked and were, well, shite. In the end, Sindy asked them to stop, but they obviously don’t get that many gigs so they kept going.

I was honoured to be asked to judge the bikes and call out the raffle prizes – over £400 was raised for the Air Ambulance. The owner of the Trident chop who won ‘Best in Show’ was one of the happiest men I’ve seen in a long time and went away singing how he’d won a prize. But there was a great deal out on the field deserving of a trophy, or at least a mention. I’d been told about a trike and trailer and had thought, ‘Yeah, okay…’. But, when I got the guided tour, I was impressed. The guy had built it all himself out of leftovers and skip finds. It had a drinks cabinet, a sound system – and a cellar. I am forever being blown away by the ingenuity of your everyday biker. It just goes to show you don’t need to throw money at a project to get a usable and head turning machine.

Longest distance female was a lovely lady from Cornwall. We think her name was Maria and it was noted that, due to her stature, riding was a challenge. Well, not riding, per se, but stopping. Longest distance male was a shared prize between Arthur and John who came all the way from Tipperary, which is, of course, a long way.

Then it was down to the after-hours bar that Dom of HAMC West Coast runs. He sells the most easy-to- drink warmed cider with some secret ingredients that I couldn’t fathom, and no one was telling. But it did the job for which it was intended. Before I knew it, the night had melted into the early morning and I needed to get my head down. It had been yet another great Double Trouble. It’s just one of those rallies that doesn’t let you down.

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