The Bad Wabbit Crew

The Bad Wabbit Crew

The Bad Wabbit Crew is not a bike club – it’s just a group of likeminded people who enjoy a good time. Some ride bikes and some ride tractors and some create masterpieces out of lawnmower engines.

The predicted Biblical floods did reduce the numbers, but a lot of people still wanted to party. There was, admittedly, a ‘swamp of despair’ at the access to the field, so I simply parked on the hardstanding and adjourned to the bar which was dry and had, unusually, a deep funk music groove going on which suited a chilled out day.

Amongst the bikes on show were ones to gladden the heart – for example, a superb BSA converted to I2v with decent lights and brakes which looks and sounds great. Then, sitting quietly next to a tractor (yes, a tractor) was one of the most superb things I’ve seen in a long time. Built as a redundancy project over five weeks and at the total cost of £100 was a twin lawnmower engine bike. The frame, forks, seat and many other parts had all been handmade – I was told that the exhaust was fabricated out of copper as they had no other pipe left, but, whatever the reason, it was just perfect. It deservedly won best engineering.

For fun and stupidity there were more, er, things including a funky mini bike and beer crate go- cart, the handling of which on slippery grass was interesting. It’s nice to know that there are people around who build things in sheds, just because they can … and then have fun with them.

The crew had negotiated a discount deal with a local chippy for food, but there was also a hog roast, ice cream and doughnuts on site, so, all the basic food groups covered. To round the afternoon off with a bang, the crew exploded furniture in the field. As you do.

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