Replacing camshaft oil seal

Replacing camshaft oil seal

Detailed step by step instructions on replacing the car VAZ 2110, 2111 camshaft oil seal. Video on removal to 2109.

Once discovered the flow of oil through the camshaft oil seal, first check, that the ventilation system was not blocked and the system crankcase ventilation hose that had not been pinched, if necessary, eliminate the small defects in the gland. If the oil is no longer flowing in this case it is necessary to carry out the replacement of the gland. Approximate cost of the camshaft oil seal for VAZ models will be about 100 rubles.

Replacing camshaft oil seal:

1. Disconnect a wire from the plug «-» the storage battery.

2. Establish the piston of the first cylinder to the required position TDC. This piston is dead center of the compression stroke, his installation is required during work to remove the drive belt, and, in order not to disrupt the timing. If this phase is violated, then the engine will not operate normally.

3. Remove the camshaft pulley.

4. Carefully remove the key from the camshaft, in case it does not closely inserted into the shaft groove.

5. Using a screwdriver, remove the gland.

6. Check the working edge, before you install a new oil seal “1”. The edge should be smooth, without grooves and rubber sagging appearance. It is necessary that the spring “2” gland has not been extended and intact.

7. It is necessary to grease a working edge ( “1” in the photo step №6) new oil seal with engine oil before you install it back.

8. Install the oil seal by means of a working edge inside the cylinder head, carefully push the sealing lip on the camshaft, taking advantage of the wooden stick.

9. After working edge already on the camshaft, make the compact up to the stop, using the required mandrel.

10. Return all items in the original form, collecting them in reverse order. During the collection of all the components necessary to establish a camshaft pulley so that the protruding portion of the hub was turned to the engine. Adjust the tension of the belt camshaft drive. It should be remembered that a strong belt tension subsequently causes increased wear of bearings for water pump, as well as a tension roller.

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