Velocette Revival

Brian and a mate bought an old Morris ambulance and went touring around Europe. Returning home, Brian found that, tired of the Venom frame and forks in the way, his stepfather had chucked them in a skip™ Fortunately, the engine, gearbox, wheels, petrol tank and oil tank survived the clear out. In the early 1970 s, Brian met a lovely Manx [...]


Replacing camshaft oil seal

Detailed step by step instructions on replacing the car VAZ 2110, 2111 camshaft oil seal. Video on removal to 2109. Once discovered the flow of oil through the camshaft oil seal, first check, that the ventilation system was not blocked and the system crankcase ventilation hose that had not been pinched, if necessary, eliminate the small [...]


Harley Bobber Build

Paul and Mike, the owners of Rebellion Speed & Chop in Lurgan, Co Armagh, turned out to be top notch guys and helped me out with a huge amount of stuff. They loaded me down with a couple of huge, drop-from-a-height-and-kill-your-granny-sized books full of aftermarket parts and pieces. The search was on for the bits I needed, and, [...]

Affordable cars

Top 10 Affordable Classic cars