How does the fuel-injected engine?

Injection engine – it’s quite a complex mechanism, whose work should be well established in order to get the best performance from it. The article discussed in detail the principle of operation of the injection engine. Injection system Engine 2107 Before we start talking about this miracle of technology, dispel some myths. Injection [...]


Radiator Fan: working principle

Today I want to talk about the principle of operation of the radiator fan. Its blades are arranged so that the air supply was more massive cooling and thus more effective. For this purpose the blades of the fan which is not less than four, are in general pulley at a certain angle to the field rotation. The type of the drive depends on [...]


The chip engine tuning, pros and cons

Chip tuning a car engine, consider the pros and cons of this tuning. The options and variations of such improvements, as well as the cost of equipment and works on special SRT. Every driver wants to drive under the hood of his car was powerful and worked perfectly. After all, these are the main characteristics of the car, and this will [...]


Why overheated engine?

Engine Overheating – an unpleasant event that could result in the emergence of a more serious problem. But, as we know, every effect has its cause. On why the engine runs cooler than it is dangerous, described in the article below. Overheated engine does not always boil. Before we talk about troubleshooting, worth a little look at the [...]

Affordable cars

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