Toning your own hands

Tinting process is very meticulous work, as making the slightest mistake, have to start all over again. Let’s speak about tinting options, the price of film and gradual process. Tinted car with your own hands Each driver has a desire to tint your car as good as possible. Firstly, it gives a new kind of car, and secondly, this protective [...]


Cars polishes and chemistry

Car care products and polishes always the first thing a driver thinks, since caring for his iron horse. With the appointment of a kind, there is a different chemistry, respectively, and changing the price on it. Car chemistry Such as, for example, dirt, dust, salt and so on. When the weather is warmer staet, then it improves the function [...]


How to paint the car

Car Painting in the workshop is expensive, many motorists prefer to paint in the home and with his own hands. Therefore, we consider the painting process, the cost and nuances. Any defect on a car body always pulls the painting . But unfortunately not everyone manages to do it, because not respected technique and sequence of actions when [...]

Affordable cars

Top 10 Affordable Classic cars