Cars polishes and chemistry

Cars polishes and chemistry

Car care products and polishes always the first thing a driver thinks, since caring for his iron horse. With the appointment of a kind, there is a different chemistry, respectively, and changing the price on it.

Car chemistry

Such as, for example, dirt, dust, salt and so on. When the weather is warmer staet, then it improves the function of the clutch, the engine and other important elements of the machine. Therefore it is necessary to consider all the manipulations in the car preparing for the summer season with automotive chemicals and polishes.

Cleaning and polishing the car body

Polishing the car body

The first and foremost thing you need to pay attention to the body is not a small car. Since during the winter season, at least on the surface accumulate such adverse substances such as salt, because in most cases it is a salt, or less often sand, sprinkled with all the roads.

When you first look at the car, his first untidiness catches the eye, and it indicates the personality of its owner. But it is fraught with not only a characteristic of the public owner. That’s why after a snowy winter is good to wash the car with the help of high-quality, special car shampoo or similar chemistry and open polish.

Conventional detergents are available in the home, it is necessary to forget in this case. Qualitative autoshampoos have a neutral or slightly increased pH (which is 6-8-9). For example, after a few washes the usual means “iron horse” loses its former paint finish (LCP) and will no longer shine as before, for this we need to polish.

Active foam for body

In addition, the gloss of the machine can save and provide car shampoo, it is composed of wax. It creates an invisible film on the surface of the car body as well as polish. This helps to dirt, dust or drops of rain to get out from the body more quickly and completely “painless”. In another such facilities are called shampoos, polishes.

Now about the car polishing. There are two types of polishes: abrasive and protective. Protective polish to protect the surface from unwanted formations of leaked water, dirt, dust and oil accumulations. Protective polish can survive on surfaces for up to six months.

The composition of the abrasive polishes include special items, by which is removed or fully overwritten small scratches on the paintwork.

After using an abrasive polishes plaque may appear on the surface of the machine. To prevent this, it is recommended to put on top and more protective polishes. And even better to focus on this kind of chemistry and its functions.

If the driver in the first place is the brilliance and neatness of his car, then suitable protective polish. Also, when choosing this type of polish that you must pay attention to its color. As a rule, the usual paste wax has a milky color, but when dry it becomes colorless, thin and slippery layer of paint and varnish surface. Also, often-dense, there are also colored polish, or their colors.

Polish with embellishment

With the addition of the dye color consistency change. This is convenient because it does not worth to kill time, choosing shades of polishes. It will be enough just to compare the color of the car and polishes. For example, red for light / dark red paintwork, or the green color of the dye for the blue color, and so on.

Generally, polishes produce liquid or pasty consistency. In practice, the paste wax applied and sprayed very problematic. Although these polishes have a professional quality, as protected on many times better in their composition is more wax, so the surface of the machine.

Also not bad to use and watery consistency polish. It has the advantages, and even there is a secret: after application of polishes, it should be left for some time alone to form a hazy layer. And only then can the polish to rub until the desired gloss body.

But, before applying the liquid polishes on LCP, it is recommended to wash and dry the car thoroughly. Since then a drop of water goes through the lens quality and heats the surface of the body, resulting in wax will not stick. Polishing machines must be carried out without direct sunlight and in calm weather. This is to ensure that in the paint and varnish surface did not get different kinds of grains. In the process of polishing the car usually takes two to three hours, not counting the time spent on his washing and drying.

Cleaning and care for details

Cleaning the car drives

Body still has not done, because there are other items that are also “need attention”. After the body, the first thing that catches the eye – it wheels and tires. There are various kinds of special cleaners and polishes for drives that make it easy to clean the dust on discs with brake pads. And with the help of film already formed on the polishing helps in further cleansing.

For cleaning and polishing discs need to know exactly what their stuff and how to pick up the necessary means, because there are different types of them, which depend on the metal. For example, aluminum is amenable to galvanic corrosion. Consequently, the aluminum wheels coated with a protective varnish, which from time to time should be applied wax.

There are also steel, chrome-plated and painted painted wheels. Therefore, for each type of disk has its own special chemical agents and polish, which have their own specific chemical composition, additives and pH acidity. In practice, the SRT-Schnick there were such cases, when such means of polish chrome wheels could corrode protective coating on an aluminum disc.

When choosing a cleaner or polish of this type, it is necessary to pay attention to what it is intended for any disks. By the way, there is also a universal cleaner for CDs.

Besides drives often reveal even polish the plastic parts of the body. The car wax first cabin that is used to improve the appearance and gloss.
Most drivers are often at risk of not washing the engine or doubts this need. Basically, after the winter period, this procedure is not mandatory, but to some extent is desirable. Engine Moika is best done once a year and postzimny period, ie before the onset of spring and summer.

Sink engine should be carried out because contaminated engine complicates the control of different technical fluids. It is because a thick layer of dust or dirt, staet labored process of heat transfer. This leads to severe motor overheating.

This in turn affects the increase in fuel consumption and a rapid deterioration of all elements of the propulsion system of the car. Also, the accumulation of dirt on the engine suffers and wiring. Therefore, the machine with the accumulation of dirt on the surface of the system in most cases are considered a fire hazard.

Engine Wash is performed under weak water pressure (by the way, which was not done in a carwash), with the use of automotive chemicals. The engine washing is recommended to use a detergent as Fra-Ber. It is sold in the canister, and is specifically designed for engine wash. Breeding must be in the ratio of 1:15. It is worth noting that it does not foam.

Active foam on the engine

Now directly about the process of cleaning and polishing. Before cleaning is necessary to wrap polythene all the elements, which can harm the moisture or water (eg, connectors, Generator). Then you need a good warm up the engine and switch off it a bit to cool the collector. Next, you need to disassemble the battery and put on the contaminated surface of the engine cleaning solution and leave for a while.

When you need to wash it with water and thoroughly dry all. For dehumidification compressor suitable fine. At the end of the entire wash to wipe clean all the parts and the surface of the engine with a cloth and polish the plastic as possible. Thanks polishes they last longer and do not lose their properties and qualities.

You can also clean the dirt from the battery at home. This will help us to mix equal parts baking soda and water and rub the surface neatly. Then you can just open a special polish for batteries that will repel water and dirt.

Polishing motor plastic

When washing the engine need to ensure that the cylinders and the air intake is not exposed to water. Spring is coming, which means that all motorists should prepare their iron horses to the warm and dry season. Then the car will be clean and well maintained, and moreover, all its parts are working as good as new and with greater impact and fuel economy, as well as the sparkle of polishes.

The cost of automobile chemistry

The cost of automotive chemicals and polishes diverse as the quality is also varied. Recently it became popular polish liquid glass chemistry which helps repel dirt. The cost of such polishes from 5500 r., Dependent on the bottle volume will change the price. The cost of the protective paste for the body Power Lock Ultimate Protection, 1000 ml starts at 3558 p. About the price of diversity we can speak for a long time.

The most popular polish manufacturers are considered to 3M, Willson, Rupes, Care Maxx, Mothers, Turtle Wax. Last Turtle Wax manufacturer specialized in all kinds of automobile chemistry and we can say the most affordable, as the cost of a good wax polish starts with $ 3.

More often than not polish is a lot of money, so it is enough to buy one package and it will last for several procedures. To save not only money for polishing, but will know how to take care of the car.

As for the polishing process of the body (most often ask for car washes and service stations), such a procedure will cost from 1500 rubles. to polish the whole body, as well as possible and individual parts, but this one is not advised as this item is different from other parts of the body. Still, having a polish at home and a little time, you can safely try it yourself.

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