Car Accessories for Roadside Emergencies

There are numerous car accessories offered by today’s automotive marketplace. Some of them can be used to add your personal touch to your car, some of them can help you to make your everyday life a little bit easier, but the most important of them are for roadside emergencies. Regardless of what accessories you are looking for, you can always find what you need at best car accessories in Sharjah (UAE). Nevertheless, now let us focus on those you better have on hand for roadside emergencies because, as you know, there is nothing worse than getting stuck somewhere on the side of the road unprepared. So here are the top 5 accessories every car owner needs.

1. Jumper Cables

It will be wise to store a set of jumper cables in your car. So, in case your battery gets dead, jump starters will help you to jump start your car off another car’s battery.

2. Tire Air Compressor

There is nothing worse than to find out somewhere in the middle of nowhere that your car has a flat tire. That is why storing an air compressor in the trunk or cargo area is always a great idea. In case your car gets a flat tire, with the help of air compressor you will be able to keep the tire inflated long enough for you to drive to a shop to get the tire repaired.

3. Car Escape Tool

Such accessory as a car escape tool is a must-have for every car owner because it literally can save your life in case you get trapped inside your own vehicle. You can simply add it to your keychain to keep it at hand. The tool consists of two devices: a hammer to break the window and a blade to cut through a seat belt.

4. Tow Rope

A tow rope is a helpful accessory in situations when a car slides off the road. The only thing to remember is that a tow rope is to be hooked to the frame, but not the bumpers.

5. First Aid Kit

If you want to get ready for emergencies, it will be wise to store an auto first aid kit in your car. Generally, it contains everything a typical first aid kit has, including rain poncho, emergency blanket, light, distress flag, bandages, gauze, first aid tape, ointment and other items.